MANIFATTURA TRE EFFE SNC was founded in 1971. Thanks to its strong desire and research, it distinguished itself in the production of BRAIDED AND TWISTED ROPES in a few years, by exploiting the founders’ knowledge in the field of yarn.

Due to our competence in this sector, we have diversified our output since a few years and we have realized a wide choice of products, which are created to fulfill several uses. These features, combined with our dedication to pursuing increasingly better results, make TRE EFFE SNC a company specialized in the creation of products able to meet the market needs.

The company has been oriented towards export for over 20 years, which now represents 80% of its total turnover, and we aim at constantly expanding the horizons of our market. At the same time, the respect of our product quality has always been extremely important to us and the quality improvement is our main goal.